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Arma3 – OverPoch

Para los que no lo conocen, frankie es un youtuber (canal

Y esta jugando OverPoch para arma3, les dejo los vídeos, para que vean de que se trata el overpoch.


capitulo 1

Capitulo 2


el OverPoch es una modificación del EPOCH (mod del cual realizamos guías y están en esta pagina). A demás de tener mas modificaciones sobre armas y demás, tiene mas mapas, como Chernarus, panthera, lingor, etc. (mapas de la vieja escuela ARMA2, para aquellos que vienen jugando epoch desde arma2).

 RC1 Changelog

Lo que se viene en la nueva Versión de EPOCH:
(no lo pase a Español, creo que se entiende…)
[Added] Started on Basic food crafting: Cooked Meat + Sweet corn + empty cooler equals full hunger; returns empty cooler.
[Added] Crafting of Large Energy packs: 3x small energy pack + Circuit Parts and a nearby fire.
[Added] Basic wild plant spawner: Poppy
[Added] New dynamic event object: Ferris Wheel
[Added] Antagonist chances moved to epochconfig.
[Added] Split server events from weather and added separate timers for each in epochconfig.
[Added] Direction labels added to teleport pads.
[Added] Epoch Story: Debug area is now Epoch Cloning facility.
[Added] Started support for all “AiA Terrain Pack” maps, starting with Chernarus.
[Added] Support for Krypto account access from classed ATM and phonebooth objects.
[Added] New loot objects: Tarp covered pallet and freezer chest.
[Added] Tree support for Bornholm.
[Added] Player Krypto accounts now expire after 90 days of inactivity. Can be changed with expiresBank.
[Added] Further enhanced DLL logging.
[Added] Paint stripper & building parts pricing has been added to Traders.
[Updated] Further optimized sound system.
[Fixed] Better way to track dead state of player.
[Fixed] Losing group when logging out while dead.
[Fixed] Revive statistics were not persisting.
[Fixed] Optimize cleanup system for more stable server fps.
[Fixed] Removed doppleganger code for now, as it was not working as intended.
[Fixed] Epoch welcome message encoding issue and fixed Scroll bar.
[Fixed] Parachutes are now safe to use.
[Fixed] Increased the amount of thirst gained from Drinks/Sodas.
[Fixed] Increased the amount of hunger gained from Can Food and Cooked Meats.
[Fixed] Bug in sound system with Cultist caused error that broke master loop.
[Fixed] False publicVariable kicks that happen since the ArmA 3 update 1.36. (BattlEye Log shows PLAYER_REJECT_NoResponse)
[Fixed] False script restriction kicks that happen when player destroy electric wire.